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Haunted House York is situated in one of the oldest parts of York. With its history dating back to medieval times - it is said that six feet below the present pavement lies the Roman Via Praetoria (more details) connecting the Roman Fortress to the bridge over the River Ouse and the settlement on the other side.
Francis Drake wrote in 1736 "It had this name given as is said from the vast quantity of stone lead through this street for the building of the cathedral." 

Situated within yards of the fabulous York Minster the street is still paved with ancient cobblestones and is host to a wide variety of shops.  Strange to think that in this popular and busy shopping street  lies a narrow alleyway unfolding into a small yard and the entrance to an experience that few can forget.  Some talk of a chilling encounter with a 'presence', some say they hear ghostly chatter, whilst others relate merely feeling a cold touch and a chill that comes from nowhere and dissipates as they turn to see who, or what caused it.

Television presenters have refused to continue with their work here.  Paranormal experts seek out what causes the uncanny readings and feelings they experience.

The house is open for you to visit and find out for yourself.  Rooms dating back centuries adorned with priceless artifacts and the ancient everyday tools of life are interesting enough for some, but for others the stories of people who have passed this way long ago are made real.  Each person who enters leaves with their own encounters and experiences to relate, or perhaps keep to themselves.  Only a few will have ever been through the doors, stairways, and rooms where so many ancient people have passed or touched the same woodwork worn down by centuries of use.  The emotional experience of all of this leaves an impression, of course, but add to this being able to sit at the seance table - and contemplate for yourself the true nature of your own existence, whilst perhaps your own soul reaches out to feel the presence of whatever remains imprinted in the very structure of this Haunted House. It doesn't take a high level of sensitivity to know that you are stting in a very special place, for those who say they have 'the gift' the reality cannot be denied....

... and may not have ended yet

The Bible over the front door is a constant reminder that 35 Stonegate was, for over 200 years, a publishing house known as 'The Sign of the Bible'. This came to an end in 1873 when it was purchased by John Ward Knowles, a prominent stained glass manufacturer <more>. 

Some say that the bible is not kept merely a curiosity but remains in place to ward off evil spirits, and keep the occupants safe from any (lasting) harm.

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