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We all know the value of relaxing whilst watching a candle flame.  Laying in a nice bath with a candle lit room is one of lifes great treats and is also a little magic right there.

Candles have acquired a special significance through the ages.  Often the only source of light source for many people, candles have been made from all manner of substances.  A mixture of alkanes in the solid state (commonly known as paraffin) is perhaps most well known, but candles have also been made from animal fats, natural vegetable extracts and of course beeswax.

These days scented candles have become very popluar and can add greatly to the ambience of any room and your sense of wellbeing.

Be careful when you choose a candle that it has been made with proper ingredients to proper standards.  Try to avoid those made from parafin as these can give off harmful chemicals, go instead for beeswax candles or ones made from soy.  



Our candles are carefully chosen and lovingly made. We stock a selection of specific spell candles, dipped over a period of time perfect for rituals and casting. These canles are all listed with their corresponding purposes and attributes. Black and white candles hold special significance in the minds of many and a staple for any budding witch or wizard.

We also stock a range of decorative and scented candles not intended for magical purposes in particular, but they certainly satisfy that little Witch within us. 

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