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Witches have had a special relationship with the tarot cards for centuries. Witches are natural clairvoyants and ideal psychic readers because they do not separate the spiritual from the mundane in their daily lives.  Witches know that it is not enough to simply be psychic and see the future. We have a magical responsibility to share the power with our clients, helping them to avoid problems and reach life's fullest potential.

We also apply the same attention to our customers when choosing their decks. We supply variations on the Thoth, Hermetic, Marseille and Rider Waite to name only a few. Whichever you choose, it is important to have a connection with the cards and this usually means listening to your gut feeling.  


More than a 100 decks to choose from ...


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Aswell as Tarot we supply a range, of angel, oracle and Lenormand decks. The art of cartomancy is a large subject but an intrinsic aspect of divination in general. 


We also provide Tarot Card Readings.
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