Inside the Haunted House

Visitors to York's most Haunted House are seldom disappointed.  Upon entering, guests receive a warm and friendly welcome, and are able to browse the items on show and for sale in the shop, Eye of Newt.  As you take this in you may notice a slight chill before you are shown through a door to a very old room.

If you are on your own, you may feel you would like company during your stay and this can also be arranged if there are others who feel the same.  When the time comes you are directed through another door to find yorself in what was once the entrance hall in one of the houses older configurations.  As with so many old houses successive generations have made changes to suit their own lifestyles.  In this hallway there is a narrow stairway leading up to the first floor.  Your climb up these stairs, stairs trodden by so many across the centuries, will be one to remember. 

Your hand feels the banister rail, the texture of wood felled over 7 centuries ago from a tree that may have been planted over a thousand years ago.  If there is truth that our experiences leave vibrations and impressions in the time and space we inhabit, then here you will be sensing the feelings and fears of all of those distant lives, all brought together in this 'here and now' that is your very own hitherto 'very ordinary' life, for as you climb you may realise things are about to change.

.... Welcome to York's most haunted house!

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