The Seance Room at Haunted House

For those sensitive to atmospheres the Seance Room holds a special appeal.

The famous astrologer, Jonathan Cainer, is often present at seances here. Centre table is a crystal ball* which seems to have its own aura of fascination, photos and video images often seem distorted in the area of a crystal ball owing to the refractive index of this high quality artifact.

Sit in one of the chairs a moment and allow your mind to settle. Be at one, in space and time, and open your sences to everything around you... and beyond.  Some people will immediately feel at home, others feel uncomfortable, even frightened at the power of the unknown or maybe the glimpse of knowing? 

... Enough perhaps to understand, this is a special place

Ian Doherty of the TV program Fright Night told of seeing Tom in this room and described him as "a tall man who was attired totally in black and wears a hat."

* A crystal ball is a crystal or glass ball believed by some people to aid in the performance of clairvoyance.  It is sometimes known as a shew stone.  A body of water, either in a container or on the ground, used for this purpose, is called a scrying pool. <more>


crystal ball in the seance room

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