The Cellar at at Haunted House York

Cellars and attics.  Places where we stash things away.

Maybe we will want this old tool again someday? Maybe we just need a place to where this won't be found by prying eyes, hide that which we don't want others to find? In most cellars you will find old stuff, broken stuff yet to be mended perhaps - you don't expect to find horrors from a bygone age.

This cellar is is no different to most ... it's just... well... it seems other things have been stored here too.  No not things; thoughts, feelings, broken dreams perhaps.  Hidden secrets and disturbing trauma seem to bleed from the ancient walls and cubby holes.  This cellar is home to things we don't want to take away... I didn't.  Best leave them behind and realise as you leave how very cold you'd become.

(Please note: The Cellar is not currently on the tour.)

A photograph taken in the Cellar.

Aparition in The Cellar in Hauntedouse York

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